Innovating Maritime Safety

A Pioneering State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality Competency Solution for the Maritime Sector.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Technologies
  • Experiential assessment and training in realistic ship working environment
  • Critical data acquisition that the human eye/brain cannot detect
  • No personal bias during the hiring process
  • Improvement of retention and recall
  • Cost effective compared to traditional training
Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Expertise of high calibre scientists and academics in identifying and evaluating cognitive behaviour
  • Utilizing scientific methodology based on links between mental health related aspects and adverse incidents at sea
  • Cognitive psychology and neuroscience integrated into training and assessment

Immerseav In Action

The Immerseav Experience combines a library of VR maritime courses calibrated through Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience protocols, alongside a Seafarers Profile Platform based on data analytics and monitoring.

Competency Assessment and Training
  • Qualitative / quantitative data analysis
  • Seafarer profiling and experiential training
  • Assessment in realistic & stressful ship conditions
  • Crew synthesis optimization
  • Improving safety behavior & competency
Hiring Assessment Tools
  • Specialized Scientific cognitive tasks
  • Assessing competency
  • Measuring reaction in distress
  • Immersing multiple candidates, testing collaborative skills

VR Maritime courses

Shift from protective to proactive, library of Virtual Reality maritime courses from entry to advanced levels in training, monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

Work with Immerseav

Work with Immerseav and utilize the combined expertise of virtual reality and cognitive psychology with neuroscience to bring maritime safety to the forefront of the industry.

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